Trinity Catholic College Goulburn
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Clinton St & College St
Goulburn NSW 2580

Phone: 02 4821 3600

Safe and Supportive Environment

Staff at Trinity Catholic College Goulburn work to foster and maintain a supportive and respectful school. Trinity is committed to providing a positive and engaging environment where students and staff feel safe, connected, respected, achieve success, and are fully engaged in education. The student is at the centre of all learning. A student-centred approach takes into account the specific needs of each student, in their family, school, peer group and community context. At Trinity, we believe an orderly school environment helps students to feel safe, respected, supported and able to engage in their learning. Learning happens within the context of a community. Therefore, Trinity Catholic College fosters purposeful collaborative relationships at all levels within the school and the broader community. These relationships are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for students. These relationships require active communication and consultation between students, teachers, parents/carers, the parish, the school and the wider community. Where students are involved in the collaboration process evidence indicates that they take responsibility for what happens in the classroom, care about their classmates, and become more engaged in learning. 

Behaviour Management, Suspension and Expulsions Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Child Safety Policy

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