Crest & Motto

Our School Crest


The Cross, in the form of a Shamrock, represents our belief in the Trinitarian nature of God, and harks back to the Irish Catholic heritage of the priests who established the College as a Minor seminary in 1874. It also references the Irishness of the Christian Brothers and Sisters of Mercy who were two of the College’s Founding Religious Orders. The Cross of the Risen Christ is at the centre of our Catholic mission and life at Trinity Catholic College and expresses our FAITH.

The Hands, opened upwards in support of the Cross, make reference to the gestures of compassion and strength that were evident in the years that the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of St. Joseph played in the formative years of the College. The hands express and support our faith at the College in STRENGTH.

The Circle, draws together the College Community of students, parents, staff and parishioners. The circle has no beginning and no end, calling to mind that God is The Alpha and The Omega. This shape completes the Christian symbolism of the College Crest as it draws our community together in UNITY.




The person and message of Jesus Christ, the ultimate revelation of God, who calls each person to life and wholeness, is at the centre of the College.The Catholic perspective on human life – its meaning and purpose – is presented to students, parents and staff of the College Community.

By coming together as a community with values and dreams, we are individually stronger than when we stand alone. The shared values, faith and unity of the College Community give its individual members strength. The College is a place where individuals have the opportunity to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

People are not made to be alone, they are made for relationships. By building and maintaining right relationships with God, ourselves, other people, and as stewards of the earth, we grow to become what we are meant to be. All people, regardless of the colour of their skin, gender, beliefs, gifts and talents are part of the God’s Family. God loves each one of us unconditionally.