Diverse Learning

The Wellbeing and Diversity Team works together covering Special Education, Literacy, Numeracy, Distance Education, and Gifted and Talented Education (G&T).

Our Contact Teacher for Aboriginal Education is also a member of the Wellbeing and Diversity Team.

The team is made up of experienced and dedicated teachers and classroom support assistants all working towards the common goal of providing a quality education that allows students to access the curriculum, and work to the best of their ability.

Although each specialist teacher may have a specific role, every teacher works collaboratively with all members of staff to help a student achieve to the best of their ability.

“All students regardless of race, age or gender by virtue of their dignity of human persons, have a right to an education that is suited to their particular needs and adapted to their ability.” – Declaration of Christian Education, Pope Paul V

The Wellbeing and Diversity Team works closely with the Year Coordinators and Subject Coordinators. Our School Counsellors are also part of this team.