The Mathematics Department at Trinity Catholic College exists as an integral element in the organisation of the school which strives to offer a Catholic education to the students who attend. As such, the teachers in the Mathematics Department aim to impart this Catholic instruction through their Mathematics teaching and through their attitude and conduct towards their students at all times.

We believe:

1. All students are capable of achieving in Mathematics
2. Mathematics is about learning not performing
3. Depth of learning is more important than speed
4. Questions are important
5. Mistakes are valuable
6. Mathematics is about creativity and making sense
7. Mathematics is about connections and communications

Year 7

Year 7 is a foundation year for Senior Mathematics. Reinforcement of number concepts including fractions, decimals and percentages are critical skills that become the building blocks of future mathematical concepts. New topics are also introduced, including Algebra, Data, Measurement, Geometry and Probability.

Working Mathematically, which develops our students ability to analyse and make connections between topics, is implemented throughout the year to develop strong critical thinking skills. Continual monitoring takes place to ensure that students are studying at the appropriate level.

Years 8, 9 and 10

All students in Year 8 continue studying the same course commenced in Year 7. Classes are graded to provide appropriate differentiation within the class to allow all students to achieve at Mathematics.

There are three Mathematics courses offered in Year 9 and 10. The courses range in difficult ranging from 5.1 which is a foundation course to the more advanced 5.3 course.

Student progress is closely monitored to ensure students are well prepared for the courses they wish to study in their senior years.

Year 11 (HSC Preliminary Course)

Three levels of study are offered:
Extension 1 (3 unit)
Mathematics (2 unit)
Standard Mathematics

Year 12 (HSC Course)

Four levels of study are offered:
Extension 2 (4 unit)
Extension 1 (3 unit)
Mathematics (2 unit)
Standard Mathematics