Religious Education

Trinity Catholic College has a rigorous Religious Education Program, which enables students to grow in understanding of their faith, in a contemporary way.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 participate in an annual reflection day, whilst students in Year 12 attend a three day/two night residential retreat, where they have ‘time out’ to reflect on their lives and families, and receive guidance in examining their lives from a Christian perspective.

We believe that our students will be nurtured on a daily basis in their faith journey, and by living their lives according to Gospel Values, will be able to recognise and celebrate their relationship with themselves, others and God.

Trinity Catholic College is proud of its Catholic heritage. The influence of the founding religious orders, and the inspiration of their founders – Blessed Catherine McAuley, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Blessed Edmund Rice – are still alive in the College today.

The Religious Education Program is at the very heart of our College, as it strives to nurture the ‘whole person’ and educate them in the Catholic Tradition. It aims to help every student to develop a strong personal relationship with God, and challenges them to live out the Gospel Values.

Staff and students regularly celebrate their faith with daily prayer, and time is allocated each day to the ancient tradition of Christian Meditation.

The Chapel of St Patrick, which is located at the centre of our campus, allows the College Community to gather on a weekly basis each Friday during term, in communion with members of our Parish Community. We are forever grateful to our Parish Clergy in assisting us with these important regular liturgical celebrations.