Pastoral Care

At Trinity Catholic College, we believe that every child of any age has the right to learn in a safe, supportive and caring environment where every student is enabled to feel that they belong. This begins with acceptance of others, as they are, for who they are, without judgment. We aspire to practise our school values of respect, kindness, integrity, honesty and compassion.

Every student is in a Homeroom which meets together every day for 12 minutes to touch base with their Homeroom Teacher and peers in a small group situation with other students from Years 7 to 12. Students remain with the same group until they graduate in Year 12, and as such form a special bond together over the years.

Our aim is to work with students and families to develop well-rounded young people who:

  • develop a strong sense of self-identity and act with moral courage and conviction
  • promote the values of tolerance and acceptance of others and self
  • build resilience through engaging in events and activities in the classroom, sport, arts, service programs and in the outdoors
  • build lifelong relationships with others
  • learn to give to others, looking for opportunities to serve those in greater need, and to give back to the community, local and distant
  • learn the art of perspective and balance to live a fulfilled, enriched and rewarding life with purpose and passion.

At Trinity Catholic College, we are fortunate to have Year/House Coordinators, a Senior Studies Coordinator, a Pastoral Support Coordinator and Counsellor who are available to help and support students. If you would like your child to have some extra support, encourage them to make an appointment with their Year Coordinator or the Counsellors.

Mr Chris Arnold – Year 7/Keating House Coordinator
Mr John Galiazzo – Year 8/MacKillop House Coordinator
Mr Paul Treloar - Year 9/McAuley House Coordinator
Ms Sophie Broadhead – Year 10/Rice House Coordinator (Acting)
Mrs Katie Suro – Senior Studies Coordinator
Mr Jarrod Twaddell – Pastoral  Support Coordinator
Mrs Linda Schembri – CatholicCare Counsellor

A range of organisations are also available for young people to call, email, chat online or visit for more information and resources:



Click here to view the Headspace Website



Kids Help Line

Click here to view the Kids Help Line Website



Click here to view the Reach Out Australia Website


Beyond Blue 

Click here to view the Beyond Blue Website