Creative Arts

Study in the Creative Arts provides students with strong discipline based knowledge and the fundamental skills, creative expertise, learning mindset and critical capabilities for the future world of work. Creative Arts students experience and develop the complex skills required to create and test ideas, generate creative works with confidence, shape inquiry and to critically evaluate and reflect on what they do. Study in the Creative Arts prepares students to be significant producers and informed consumers of culture.

Teaching practice in creative arts is explicit and purposeful. Experiences are sequential and meaningful to develop students’ skills, knowledge and understanding within the art forms. Creative arts develops the whole child through its unique content and experiences

At Trinity, students are exposed to a number of Creative Arts subjects including:

Visual Arts

In Stage 4, students are introduced to each subject in order to experience, explore and develop new skills before selecting future electives in Stages 5 and 6. Unlike many other schools, Trinity students in Stage 4 are also able to select Creative Arts electives so that they may further their skills and knowledge in this field. These electives may include:

Music Performance
Art Attack

In Stages 5 and6 students in Creative Arts subjects are encouraged to enhance and refine their skills through exciting and interactive practical experiences and content-rich, accessible and interesting theoretical lessons. These subjects nurture creative thinking, collaborative and independent work, visual and verbal communication skills and high order research, analysis and interpretation strategies.