The English Department at Trinity Catholic College is committed to developing each student’s potential as an effective communicator.

The English syllabus covers such aspects as reading, writing in a range of genres with awareness of different concepts and audiences, speaking and listening effectively, and responding critically to both written and visual texts.

In Years 7-10, such outcomes for critical literacy are pursued through each class. Senior English in both Year 11 and 12 offers the full range of courses including English Studies, Standard, Advanced and Extension One. In Year 12, students who have performed well in Advanced and Extension One in Year 11 courses continue these for the HSC, but may add a fourth unit of English called Extension Two, which requires the production of a major work.

The English Department at Trinity Catholic College is excited for the opportunities and challenges the new Stage 6 Curriculum offers, including the potential of obtaining an ATAR through the completion of the English Studies course.