Community Council

The College Community Council provides the opportunity for members of the College, Parish and Archdiocesan community to support the mission of Catholic education. Working with the Principal and staff, the Community Council members meet each term to provide leadership to the College community.

The Community Council has a decision-making role in certain policy areas and an advisory role in others. The policies of the College are always set within the wider mission of Catholic education. In the areas where it has responsibility for the development and monitoring of policy the Community Council operates within the policy and procedures determined by the Catholic Education Commission and the Catholic Education Office.

Membership of the Council includes:


Parish Priest Fr Joshy Kurien (ex-officio)
Principal Mrs Gaye McManus (ex-officio)
Chairperson Mrs Angela Remington
Vice Chairperson Mr Rick Shipp
Treasurer Mr Mark Carroll
Parent Representative Mrs Jade Marks
Mrs Melissa McKellar
Teacher Representative Mrs Lorna Sheekey
Mr Stephen Barnard
Secretary Mrs Renee Funnell