Trinity Catholic College Community Council June 2016 update

The Community Council continues to meet each month representing the parents, teachers and other members of our college community. We come together to discuss current issues in our community and share ideas to better cater for the Trinity community in the future.

Over the last few months the Community Council had the opportunity to be involved collaboratively in the current strategic plan. The leadership team outlined a plan for the period 2016-2018 and the Community Council were provided with the opportunity to make suggestions and changes where appropriate. The future of Trinity Catholic College is strong as the plan considers how to build and celebrate Catholic culture, how to build the capacity of the College and in doing so build community among its members.

Five strategic areas form the 2016-2018 TCC strategic plan:

                        1. Promoting Catholic Identity and Faith Formation

                        2. Transforming Teaching and Learning

                        3. Strengthening Leadership

                        4. Building Effective and Productive Partnerships

                        5. Stewarding Resources

Other decisions and discussion included repairs to the BBQ trailer, a new sound system in the quad area, updating the sound system in The Great Hall, sourcing local grants, future building plans and the employment of a person to assist in the preparation and showing of livestock.

Further discussion followed relating to supporting sport within the college, hiring out of the College facilities and current staff changes. A new parent portal is currently being trialled by a couple of families as a new method of communication with parents. Discussion also ensued on the format and length of the end of year presentation and this is currently being reviewed. Improvements to the Wexted Grandstand and steps were discussed, as was the success of the Agriculture Working Party who have achieved the goals set out in the Terms of Reference.

Through the Chair of the Community Council, Anne Muir, the College was congratulated on the success of the Harvest Dinner, the improved communication through the use of social media, the showcasing of student journalism and photographic contributions to the local paper, and the success of winter sport for Trinity students.

A decision was also reached on the installation of plaques in commemoration of staff members who have passed away while still employed at Trinity. These will be situated at the front of the College.

Anne Muir is also now a member of the Catholic School Parents Archdiocese of Canberra Goulburn group. We congratulate her on this position and welcome the opportunity to promote Trinity College in the broader Canberra Goulburn Archdiocese.

The first meeting of the Community Council for 2016 was held on February 16th. A representative from the CEO, Tim Smith, gave a presentation informing members about the structure of the Community Council. The Council exists in an advisory role to support the College. He focused on the six main elements to be considered by our College community. These include Catholic Identity and Character, Academic Programs, Physical Resources, Leadership, Financial and Enrolment and Growth.

Other matters discussed include:

  • the employment of a person to assist with the showing of cattle to ensure safety standards and supervision of students is adequate
  • improvements to the BBQ trailer to ensure safety for all using it
  • the Harvest Dinner/Paddock to Plate event to be held later in the year
  • A new sound system for the Great Hall and quad area
  • Improvements to disabled facilities in the hall, storage facilities for PE equipment, covered walkways
  • Programs to cater for students in Year 10, building a culture that values continued education

Following the presentation by the CEO, our next meeting on March 15th will focus on setting the key priorities for the Community Council in 2016 and our engagement with the wider TCC community.

Past Reports - Newsletters - Updates

The Community Council wishes to extend a warm welcome to members of the 2016 College community.  

We offer our congratulations to the staff and students on the recent outstanding HSC results. We have a truly wonderful school, a College of which to be proud and we are lucky to have such dedicated staff endeavouring to challenge students to reach their potential.

We would like to congratulate the staff and students on the wonderful 2015 Christmas celebration showcasing the talents of both staff and students in December. Thank you to those involved in the performance displaying a variety of outstanding talent. Thanks must also go to those involved in the behind the scene set-up; music, stage, barbeque, drinks and the list goes on. The families who gathered to celebrate the Christmas season and give thanks for a successful 2015 were very appreciative of the involvement of both staff and students. We look forward to this event growing in December 2016.

The Sport Presentation was another fabulous celebration of talents within the Trinity community. Thank you to all of those who contribute to the coaching, managing and organizing of Trinity sport. A special thanks to Jess Hand for the mammoth job she does coordinating college sport.

Graduation in November was a wonderful culmination of six years of education at Trinity for 2015 graduating class. The students and parents are extremely appreciative of the coordination by Naomi Gill, ensuring an outstanding evening was enjoyed by all who attended.

The 2015 social media group, under the guidance of Lauren Shinfield, must also be congratulated on lifting the profile of Trinity students in our local community and ensuring that communication is positive and wide-reaching.

The 2016 Community Council comprises of Mrs Carroll-Fajarda, Father McDermott,  Mr Mark Burke, Mrs Tanya Appleby, Mrs Anne Keene, Mr Mark Carroll, Ms Anne Muir (Chair), Mrs Nicki Spackman (Secretary), Mr Peter Walker, Mrs Margot McKenzie and Mrs Leisa Croker.


On Tuesday February 16th the Trinity Community will host a barbeque to welcome staff, students and families for 2016. We hope many members of our College community will attend and welcome new families to our College. All members of the community are invited to attend commencing at 6pm in the quad.


The first meeting of the Community Council for 2016 will be on February 16th at 4.30pm in the Board room. The Community Council works alongside the Colleg Senior Leadership Team in an advisory capacity and meet each month. Open Forums or information evenings are held throughout the year and are open to all members of the College community.


Some of our activities for 2016 include assisting the school with Strategic Planning, continued assistance with Agriculture and Sport as requested, continuing to improve the College environment, running the barbeque when required at College events, and assisting a working party with the organization of a ‘Paddock to Plate’ event.


In the last few years, funds from the Community Council levy have been used to purchase new chairs for the Great Hall, to sponsor the annual trip to Jamberoo for students who achieved th most merits throughout the year, assist with the purchase of the fence around Wexted in memory of Rod McCabe, contribute to the College scholarship fund and purchase uniforms for sporting teams. Using feedback from a survey last year, a number of projects are planned for 2016.

Dates for 2016 Community Council meetings:

16th February 4.30pm followed by the Welcome BBQ at 6pm
15th March 5pm
17th May 5pm
21st June 5pm
19th July 5pm
16th August 5pm
20th September 5pm
18th October 5pm
5pm 5pm
15th November 5pm
Thank you Function 6pm (Times TBC)


COMMUNITY COUNCIL CONTACT EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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