At Trinity, we are committed to providing the best possible care of our students as they strive to become confident and competent young men and women of Catholic conscience.

At its very core, in Catholic Schools, Pastoral Care is premised on the Gospel value of Love and involves nurturing the development of the whole person.  All of our students possess unique and wonderful gifts across the academic, social, physical and spiritual spectrum.  Empowering our students with a strong sense of identity, worth, dignity and belonging is the building block from which they can grow and achieve their full potential.

Trinity has a House based system of Pastoral Care.  Each student and their family belongs to a House and is supported and guided on their journey throughout their time at the College by their Homeroom Teacher and House Leader.  The Annual House Cup Competition promotes healthy competition between Houses and boosts school spirit and pride.

Students will also undertake a pastoral program which provides them with skills and understanding across many areas of their social and personal development. These include, but are not limited to, creating and maintaining positive relationships, building resilience, appropriate use of social media, safe risk-taking, developing a positive self-image and communicating clearly with others.

The mission of Pastoral Care at Trinity is a commitment and responsibility that is shared by students, staff and the community.  It is an extension of the family’s care, and we aim to foster a strong home-school partnership to ensure an inclusive, equitable and caring environment.


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